As the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible power pushing enterprise development, culture is shaped in production and operation, recognized and abided by all staff, consisted of mission, vision, tenet, spirit, value and business concept as well as the embodiment all these concepts in production operation, management system, employee working style and enterprise image.

Bainian Junyi’s culture strategy is positioning “Improving Enterprise Quality, Promoting Teamwork Spirit, and Building Harmonious Enterprise”.

“Improving Enterprise Quality, Promoting Teamwork Spirit, and Building Harmonious Junyi” is the guiding thought and the core content of our culture. First of all, constant study and quality improvement can create a high quality team, and the core of culture lies in team construction. A team, consisted of high quality members, is powerful and harmonious in relationship, forming a common core value, accelerating a development and realizing the final goal.

Vision is the beautiful pursuit to the future, the ultimate goal of development strategy and the blueprint which all staffs strive for. Vision is a flag and a power that can arouse all staff’s desire and inspire their work passion.


“Creating a Century-old Enterprise, Realizing Mutual Development of Employee and Company”. Creating a century-old enterprise and realizing mutual development and benefit of employee and company are our ultimate goal and also the reason why we are named as “Bainian Zongyi”. To be a century-old enterprise and keep sustainable development, we should spare no efforts to forge a joint-stock corporation and make employees its shareholders. The company is just like a tree that needs care and irrigation of all staff to be luxuriant and evergreen. Let’s us grow up together with the grand tree.


It specifies the reason why the company exists (existing aim and meaning), shows the company’s social responsibility, as well as the trust and hope offered by the public.


Spreading Furniture Culture, Leading Furniture Trend, and Creating Beautiful Life. As a furniture producer and culture transmitter, the company takes furniture design, manufacturing and sales as main business, conducts constant innovation and improvement, maintains its leading position and creates a high-quality and graceful life for thousands of families.

Our objective is the developing direction, strategic center and staged and historical achievement to realize vision and mission.

Objective: Creating First-class Brands, Building a Public Company, Establishing a Century-old Enterprise. Brand takes up an important part in enterprise culture and is the intangible assets to create long-period value and a strong guarantee of eternal operation. Therefore, it will forge a first-class brand to support the further development and expansion, integrate various resources to make a public company, and make all staff become the owners to exert their sense of ownership, which is the most basic element to realize the vision and mission. Pooling the wisdom and efforts, sharing happiness and sorrow, we can create value and realize the goal of building a century-old enterprise.

Tenet, mainly indicating the company’s existing purpose and developing intention, is and important part of developing strategy, specifying future task and stating the method and principle. It deepens the mission and crystallizes how to achieve the basic pursuit.

Tenet: Setting Foothold in the Industry, Facing Future, Excellent Service, Customer Satisfaction.
“Once Making Furniture, Always a Furniture Maker” is our consistent tenet. Setting foothold in the industry needs constant innovation and efforts and a leading position. The company will responsibly provide high quality product and service for customers to create a warm house.

Service Tenet: Satisfying Customer’s Need, Considering Customer’s Want.

As the faith believed by all staff during operation, core value is a series principle to solve enterprise contradiction during development, such as enterprise’s views and attitudes on market, customer and employee, and indicates the surviving proposal of an enterprise.

Core value, the mutual value orientation of all staff, reflects value convergence and value pursuit of company and customer, company and supplier, company and employee, employee and employee and will provide effort direction and daily principle for all staff.

Core Value: Integrity, Respect, Reciprocity

Confucius said, “Honesty is the basic principle of human beings”. The one who gains other trust can achieve success; and being honest is the way approaching to trust. Based on the principle of “Honesty and Integrity”, we regard sincerity as brand and reputation as the basic point to exist.

Mutual respect is a traditional Chinese virtue. We advocate mutual respect and progress to build harmonious relationship in work, life and operation. We respect staff’s dignity, legal rights and labor, and provide broad platform for them to fully exert their creative ability. We value all customers and strategic partners as well as friends caring about and supporting us and hope to be treated in the same way. We have respect for consumers’ personalities, suggestions and advice, regard their complaints as improving measures and constantly enhance their satisfaction.

We will create mutual value with all staff, distributors and suppliers to achieve all-win. Bainian Zongyi will belong to all its members instead of one person. As long as we pull all efforts together, we will create a beautiful future and build a graceful homeland.

Spirit: Homocentric, Pioneering, Transcendent

Business Concept: Creditable Management, Original Innovation, Customer Satisfaction

Business Strategy: High Quality, Low Cost, Occupying Market, Increasing Sales

Management Concept: Innovation Decides Profit; Responsibility Resolves Effect; Detail Is the Key of Success; Attitude Is Everything

Slogan: Century-old Enterprise, Concerted Efforts

Song: True Hero