Shenzhen City 100 years Junyi Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in the famous furniture production base - Shenzhen City, the company was founded in 1999. The company integrated leasing plant area of ​​over 10 million square meters, more than 1,000 employees in the post. Has five factories and three directly under the furniture trade, the company has been committed to high-end civilian furniture and related products, research and development, production and sales, has been initially formed with the Ukrainian wood to create the overall French style home, peach core wood building Furniture, bedding, special sponge, styrofoam packaging materials and furniture materials, such as the diversification of the pattern of development, the industry's leading large-scale integrated furniture manufacturing enterprises. The rapid development of the company and make outstanding contributions to the industry, access to all sectors and industry associations of the high degree of recognition, in many furniture trade fairs, access to product design Gold Award, booth design awards.
    Companies focus on the furniture industry in a comprehensive diversified development, the convergence of modern and classical essence. The company's products by consumers, is the industry's prestigious high-end first-line civilian brand furniture. The company's brands: "Yilanggusi" Jane Europe and the Office of the series, "Yilanggusi" Wu Jinmu French series, "Yilanggusi" high-end custom series, "Jianlida" special sponge " Lai Long packaging materials.
Companies adhere to the principle of the supremacy of credibility, quality of survival for the business philosophy, to provide customers with better products is a century-Jun Yi furniture, a common goal. In the new period, a hundred years JIN Yi people to create a healthy, beautiful, harmonious, unique living place of human life as a lifelong foundation, shaping a century brand. 100 years Joy Yi Group under the various brands, has established a first-tier cities covering the domestic and major second-tier cities in the sales network, not only exported to the rest of the world, China has also served nearly one million families. In the entire market, not only has a huge consumer groups, but also for many years after the test of consumer confidence in the market brand.